Liao Cheng-Hsin Professor & Dean of College Of Ocean Science and Resource


Professor & Dean of college of Ocean SCIENCE and Resource
lHighest Degree:Ph.D.Natl.Taiwan Ocean Univ.,R.O.C.
Specialty:Conservation of Marine Environment, Fishery Instruments
lTEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5050
lLAB :Laboratory of Coastal Fisheries Research

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Refereed Papers


  1. Lee, Hung-Tai, Yung-Cheng Chang, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Te-Hua Hsu* (2022, Dec.). Development of integrated multitrophic aquaculture–based cage rearing system in an underutilized fishing port and its application in marine stock enhancement. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9: 998198. (SCIE, IF=5.247 (2021), Ranking=6/113 (Q1), MARINE & FRESHWATER BIOLOGY)
  2. Hsu, Te-Hua, Hung-Tai Lee, Hsueh-Jung Lu, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Hong-Yi Gong, Chang-Wen Huang* (2022, Apr.). Maintenance of genetic diversity of black sea bream despite unmonitored and large-scale hatchery releases. Biology (Basel), 11(4): 554. (SCIE, IF=5.168 (2021), Ranking=21/94 (Q1), BIOLOGY)
  3. Chang, Ke-Yang, Yu-Jie Hsu, Tzu-Yun Ching, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Chih-Shin Chen* (2022, Mar.). Catch and effort standardization for Taiwanese swordtip squid Uroteuthis edulis fisheries in the southern East China Sea. Journal of Marine Science and Technology (Taiwan), 30: Iss. 1, Article 4. (SCIE, IF=0.462 (2021), Ranking=90/92 (Q4), ENGINEERING, MULTIDISCIPLINARY)
  4. Lee, Hung-Tai, Bao-Quey Huang, Cheng-Hsin Liao* (2022, Mar.). Functional Adaptation of Vocalization Revealed by Morphological and Histochemical Characteristics of Sonic Muscles in Blackmouth Croaker (Atrobucca nibe). Biology (Basel), 11(3): 438. (SCIE, IF=5.168 (2021), Ranking=21/94 (Q1), BIOLOGY)
  5. Mamme, Mubarak, Yi-Chen Wang*, Yang-Chi Lan, Chien-Ming Hsu, Ming-An Lee, Cheng-Hsin Liao (2022, Jan.). Ontogenetic diet shifts and feeding dynamics of Trichiurus japonicusTemminck & Schlegel, 1844, off Guishan Island, Southern East China Sea. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 49: 102104. (SCIE, IF=2.166 (2021), Ranking=54/113 (Q3), MARINE & FRESHWATER BIOLOGY)
  6. Lee, Hung-Tai, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Te-Hua Hsu* (2021, Nov.). Environmental DNA (eDNA) Metabarcoding in the Fish Market and Nearby Seafood Restaurants in Taiwan Reveals the Underestimation of Fish Species Diversity in Seafood. Biology (Basel), 10(11): 1132. (SCIE, IF=5.168, Ranking=21/94 (Q1), BIOLOGY)
  7. Lee, Yi-Jou; Nan-Jay Su*; Cheng-Hsin Liao; Wei-Chuan Chiang; Chun-Huei Li (2021, Sep.). A two-stage approach to integrate vessel geo-tracking data and logbooks for monitoring fishing activity of coastal fisheries in waters off northwestern Taiwan. Journal of Marine Science and Technology (Taiwan), 29: Iss. 4, Article 9. (SCIE, IF=0.462, Ranking=90/92 (Q4), ENGINEERING, MULTIDISCIPLINARY)
  8. Lee, Yi-Jou, Nan-Jay Su, Hung-Tai Lee, William Wei-Yuan Hsu, Cheng-Hsin Liao* (2021, Apr.). Application of métier-based approaches for spatial planning and management: A case study on a mixed trawl fishery in Taiwan. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9: 480. (SCIE, IF=2.744, Ranking=4/16 (Q1), ENGINEERING, MARINE; Ranking=26/66 (Q2), OCEANOGRAPHY)
  9. Lee, Hung-Tai, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Chang-Wen Huang, Chia-Huan Ma, Te-Hua Hsu* (2021, Mar.). The complete mitochondrial genome of Metasepia tullbergi (Cephalopoda: Sepiidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources, 6(3): 1192-1193. (SCIE, IF=0.610, Ranking=174/175 (Q4), GENETICS & HEREDITY)
  10. Nguyen, Manh-Linh, Jin-Yih Chen, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Jun-Hong Wu, Ming-An Lee* (2021, Mar.). Study on the fishing activity of torch-light squid fishery in the waters off Northeastern Taiwan. Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 48(1): 11-18. (科技部補助推廣優良期刊)
  11. Lee, Hung-Tai, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Chang-Wen Huang, Yung-Cheng Chang, Te-Hua Hsu* (2021, Feb.) The complete mitochondrial genome of Laevistrombus canarium (Gastropoda: Stromboidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B-Resources, 6(2): 591-592. (SCIE, IF=0.610, Ranking=174/175 (Q4), GENETICS & HEREDITY)
  12. Hsiao, Po-Yuan, Teruhisa Shimada, Kuo-Wei Lan*, Ming-An Lee, Cheng-Hsin Liao (2021, Feb.). Assessing summertime primary production required in changed marine environments in upwelling ecosystems around the Taiwan Bank. Remote Sensing, 13(4): 765. (SCIE, IF=5.349, Ranking=11/34 (Q2), REMOTE SENSING; Ranking=30/201 (Q1), GEOSCIENCES, MULTIDISCIPLINARY)
  13. Chiu, Yu-Ting, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Te-Hua Hsu, Chang-Wen Huang, Hung-Tai Lee* (2020, Dec.). Large-scale screening and validation of molecular markers for the genetic assessment and management of orbicular batfish (Platax orbicularis). Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 47(4): 212-220. (科技部補助推廣優良期刊)
  14. Wang, Yi-Chen*, Chien-Ming Hsu, Ming-An Lee, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Hsin-Ming Yeh, Jinn-Shing Weng, Yu-Cian Wang, Mammel Mubarak (2020, Sep.). Length–weight relationship of Trichiurus japonicus in the surrounding waters of Guishan Island off northeastern Taiwan. Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 47(3): 145-151. (科技部補助推廣優良期刊)
  15. Su, Nan-Jay*, Yi-Sin Lu, Chia-Hui Wang, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Wei-Chuang Chiang, Chen-Te Tseng (2020, Jul.). Age determination for juvenile fourfinger threadfin (Eleutheronema rhadinum) by using otolith microstructure and length data obtained from commercial fisheries off northwestern Taiwan. Fisheries Research, 227: 105560. (SCIE, IF=2.422, Ranking=20/55 (Q2), FISHERIES)
  16. Naimullah, Muhamad, Kuo-Wei Lan*, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Po-Yuan Hsiao, Yen-Rong Liang, Ting-Chen Chiu (2020, Jul.). Association of environmental factors in the Taiwan Strait with distributions and habitat characteristics of three swimming crabs. Remote Sensing, 12(4): 2231. (SCIE, IF=4.848, Ranking=7/30 (Q1), REMOTE SENSING)
  17. Lee, Hung-Tai, Te-Hua Hsu, Cheng-Hsin Liao* (2019, Jun.). Massive shell marking and release of Haliotis diversicolor in the Mao-Bay of northeastern Taiwan: its implications for stock enhancement and sea ranching. Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 46(2): 117-123. (科技部補助推廣優良期刊)
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  22. Wang, Kae-Yih, Jyun-Long Chen, Cheng-Hsin Liao, Chi-Lun Wu, Ke-Yang Chang* (2015, Jun.). Use of a Generalized Additive Model to Examine Factors Influencing the CPUE of Uroteuthis edulisJournal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 42(2): 73-85. (科技部補助推廣優良期刊)
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Conference Papers

  1. 戴維明、廖正信、李依柔、王偉、周芷萱、李宏泰、劉冠承 (2023),臺灣沿近海鎖管資源之漁業結構特性,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. BP-06 (Poster)
  2. 蕭博元、藍國瑋、李韋澔、廖正信、Muhamad Naimullah (2023),臺灣淺灘海洋生態系統營養動力學結構受ENSO事件影響之研究,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. COI-10 (Oral)
  3. 張可揚、廖正信、曾振德 (2013),即時漁海況資料提供-以臺灣北部海域鎖管燈火漁業為例,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. BOII-03 (Oral)
  4. 李宏泰、黃寶貴、廖正信 (2023),黑喉發音機制及其生態意義對於臺灣沿近海域漁業管理與離岸風場開發的啟示,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. BOI-08 (Oral)
  5. 王偉、廖正信、李依柔、李 宏泰、周芷萱 (2023),臺灣西南海域中國槍鎖管生殖生物學與產卵場環境之探討,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. BOI-07 (Oral)
  6. 李依柔、廖正信、蘇楠傑、 許為元 (2023),臺灣沿近海拖網漁獲優勢種與作業熱區之探討,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. BOI-06 (Oral)
  7. 周芷萱、廖正信、李依柔、 李宏泰、王偉 (2023),苗栗沿近海漁業活動變動與離岸風電場開發之關係,臺灣水產學會112年度學術論文發表會,7th January 2023, Keelung, Taiwan, ROC. BOI-05 (Oral)
  8. 周芷萱、李依柔、李宏泰、王偉、吳宣嶧、廖正信 (2022),臺灣北部與西部沿近海漁業整合樣態:對於離岸風電科發的啟示,臺灣水產學會111年度學術論文發表會,22nd January 2022, Chiayi, Taiwan, ROC.
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  10. 王偉、李依柔、李宏泰、劉冠承、周芷萱、吳宣嶧、廖正信 (2022),臺灣西南海域中國槍鎖管之產卵全時空分布特性,臺灣水產學會111年度學術論文發表會,22nd January 2022, Chiayi, Taiwan, ROC.
  11. 陳律祺、何珈欣、鄭力綺、廖正信、藍國瑋 (2022),臺灣水產學會111年度學術論文發表會,22nd January 2022, Chiayi, Taiwan, ROC.
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