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Ph.D. Curriculum

Ph. D. Degree

Required credits: at least 30 credits (including 8 credits for the thesis, 4 credits for seminar)

Graduate students need to pass both the Ph.D degree examination and oral defense to obtain a Ph.D degree.

The Course Information System

1st Course  
1st year

Advanced Analysis in Quantitative Fisheries Stock Assessment

Seminar in Fishing Gear

Seminar on Fisheries Management

Population Ecology Seminar in Fishieries Oceanography Advanved Fish Ecology


2nd year Seminar Seminar on Environmental Biology Seminar of Fisheries Science Seminar on Marine Spatial Planning Seminar in Biological Resources
Academic Research Ethics Processing and Fisheries Application of Satellite


2nd Course
1st year Seminar Thesis
2nd year Seminar Thesis