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B.Sc. Curriculum

University compulsory subjects

Bachelor DegreeRequired credits: at least 133 credits

Five-year BA/MA program

Undergraduate students with distinguished performance can apply the Five-year BA/MA program at year 3 and year 4. Students in this program can obtain both bachelor and master degrees at year 5 after completing undergraduate and graduate coursework and passing both the master degree examination and oral defense.

The Course Information System

1st Course
1st year Service-Learning Program-Campus Service(1) General Physics Lab. General Chemistry Lab.(1) General Physics Introduction to Fishery Science Biology Biology Lab. Calculus
2nd year Computer Programming and Data Science Computer Programming and Data Science Lab. Geo-Navigation General Chemistry Lab.(2) Service-Learning Program-Campus Service(2) Biology Biology Lab. Calculus


2nd Course
1st year Celestial Navigation Aquatic Invertebrate Fisheries business administration(1) Environmental Biology1 Introduction to Aquaculture Geographic Information System Introduction to Administrative Laws
Fishing Methodology Oceanography Fishing Gear Materials Principles of Fishing Boat Introduction to the Technology of Fishery Information Biostatistics
2nd year Analytical Chemistry Fishing Gear(1) Aquatic Vertebrate Environmental Biology2 Introduction to Marine Products Industry Introduction to Fisheries administration and management Ecology
Meteorology Law of the Sea Panktonology Ichthyology Fishing Gear Designs Practice(1) Remote Sensing Biostatistics


3rd Course
1st year Case Study on Offishore and Coastal Fishery Resources Fish Physiology Statistical methods and Application Fishing Gear2 Fundamentals of Fisheries Techniques Biological Oceanography
Biodiversity Conservation Biology Marine Ecology Pelagic Fisheries Fish Ecology Economics
Fishery Instruments and Machinery Fisheries Law and Regulation Environmental Chemistry Fish Population Dynamics
2nd year Case Study Deep Sea Resource Demersal Fisheries Fisheries Law Enforcement Introduction to industrial economics Conservation Fisheries Marine Environmental Observations Research Vessel Practical Experince
Marine Biology Chondrichthyology Fisheries Oceanography Fishery Economics Fisheries Management Loading and Procession of Fish Catch
Catch Data Analysis Fish Population Dynamics


4th Course
1st year Fish Sclerochronology Ecotoxicology Population and Community Ecology Stock Assessmentand Management
2nd year Explore to the Fishery Sustainability and Industry Development Genetic Application of Fishery Biology