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Research Areas

研究人員 研究領域 相關著作
Wang Sheng-Ping Professor &   Chair Population Dynamics, Fisheries Biology, Statistics Refereed Papers

Ou Ching-Hsiewn Professor

Fishery Management, Fishery Laws and Regulations,

Fishing Gear and Metheds, Fishery Recreation

Refereed Papers
Lee Ming-An Professor Satellite Oceanography 、 Fishery Instruments 、Descriptive Fishery Oceanography Refereed Papers
Liao Cheng-Hsin Professor Conservation of Marine Environment, Fi she ry Instruments Refereed Papers

Cheng Sha-Yen Professor &

Dean of OIA

Ecotoxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Water Quality Chemistry
Refereed Papers
Joung Shoou-Jeng Professor  Fi sheries Biology and Management Refereed Papers

Lu Hsueh-Jung Professor

Fishery Oceanography, Fishery 

Instrumentation, Geographic Information System

Refereed Papers
Wang chia-Hui Associate Professor Biogeochemistry, Marine invertebrates, Otolith 、Fishery Biology Refereed Papers
Ho Ping-ho Associate Professor Crustacean Taxonomy and Evolution,
Marine Invertebrate Ecology, Marine Ecology
Refereed Papers
Lan Kuo-Wei Associate Professor Fishing ground environment Climatic Change、Oceanographic remote sensing Refereed Papers
Su Nan-Jay Associate Professor Ethnic dynamics, resource assessment, Fisheries and Oceans Refereed Papers
Tseng Huan-Sheng
Assistant Professor
Fisheries enforcement,Fishing agreement,Fishery Laws and Regulations Refereed Papers
Lu Ching-Ping Assistant Professor Population Genetics,
Fisheries ecology and marine conservation in molecular methods;
Refereed Papers
Lu Yu-Heng Assistant Professor Fisheries Business Administration, Marketing, Fisheries Management, Fisheries Policy Refereed Papers