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Research of Laboratories

Lab. Professor
Lab of Fishing Ground Information Professor Lu Hsueh-Jung
漁業管理研究室 Professor Ou Ching-Hsiewn
Remote sensing and ecological sustainable development laboratory Professor Lee Ming-An
Laboratory of Coastal Fisheries Research Professor Liao Cheng-Hsin
Lab. of Marine Environmental Chemistry and Eco-Toxicology  Professor Cheng Sha-Yen
Fish Population Dynamics Professor Joung Shoou-Jeng
Laboratory of Population Dynamics Professor Wang Sheng-Ping
生物地球化學研究實驗室 Professor Wang Chia-Hui
Fishery Environmental Dynamics and Fishing Gear Research Laboratory Professor Lan Kuo-Wei
甲殼類生物多樣性研就室 Associate professor Ho Ping-Ho
Lab for Environment and Fishery Resources Associate professor Su Nan-Jay
Lab of Fisheries Law Enforcement  Associate professor Tseng Huan-Sheng
Fisheries Ecophysiology Laboratory Assistant professor Hung-Tai Lee