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Associate Professor

Highest Degree: Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C
Specialty: Crustacean Taxonomy and Evolution,
Marine Invertebrate Ecology, Marine Ecology
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5021
Email: pingho@mail.ntou.edu.tw

Highest Degree:Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Univ. , R.O.C. 
Specialty:Ethnic dynamics, resource assessment, Fisheries and Oceans
TEL:02-2462-2192ext 5046
Email: nanjay@mail.ntou.edu.tw 
Lab : Lab for Environment and Fishery Resources

Highest Degree:Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C . 
Specialty:Fisheries administrative management, Fishery Laws and Regulations, Fisheries enforcement
TEL:02-2462-2192ext 5024
Email: hstseng@mail.ntou.edu.tw   
Lab : Lab of Fisheries Law Enforcement