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Highest Degree: Ph.D. Natl.Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C
Specialty: Satellite Oceanography、Fishery Instruments、Descriptive Fishery Oceanography
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5025
Email: malee@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Remote sensing and ecological sustainable development laboratory

Highest Degree: Ph.D. Hokkaido Univ. , Japan
Specialty: Fishery Management, Fishery Policy and Regulations, Fishing Gear and Methods, Fishery Compensation
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5025
Email: b0093@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Laboratory of Fishery Management

Highest Degree: Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C
Specialty : Conservation of Marine Environment, Fi she ry Instruments
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5050
Email : chliao@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Laboratory of Coastal Fisheries Research

Highest Degree: Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C .
Specialty: Ecotoxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Water Quality Chemistry
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5049
Email: eric@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Lab. of Marine Environmental Chemistry and Eco-Toxicology 

Highest Degree:Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ. , R.O.C.
Specialty: Fishery Oceanography, Fishery
Instrumentation, Geographic Information System
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5033
Email: hjlu@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Lab of Fishing Ground Information

Highest Degree: Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C.
Specialty: Fi she ries Biology and Management
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5039
Email: f0010@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Fish Population Dynamics

Highest Degree:Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Univ. , R.O.C.
Specialty: Population Dynamics, Fisheries Biology, Statistics
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5028
Email: wsp@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Lab : Laboratory of Population Dynamics

Highest Degree:Ph.D. The University of LIVERPOOL
Specialty:Biogeochemistry, Marine invertebrates, Otolith 、Fishery Biology
TEL:02-2462-2192 ext 5029

Highest Degree:Ph.D. Natl. Taiwan Ocean Univ., R.O.C . 
Specialty:Fishing ground environment Climatic Change、Oceanographic remote sensing
TEL:02-2462-2192ext 5027
Email: kwlan@mail.ntou.edu.tw 
Lab : Fishery Environmental Dynamics and Fishing Gear Research Laboratory